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There are many new developments that caused me to write this third edition of essential information for yoga studios and teachers.

The #MeToo movement has led to exposure of sexual abuse within our yoga community. To face this problem, all yoga studios and wellness businesses must adopt codes of conduct, organize ethics committees and set up procedures to allow a student who may have been abused to report the matter to the studio in confidence. The book shows you how to put this in place.

There are new privacy regulations at the state and international level. This imposes important burdens and liabilities on all yoga and wellness businesses and yoga teachers. The book discusses the GDPR adopted by the European Union and California privacy regulation which, in effect, has become national privacy regulation.

I have added a new chapter on social media and updated the discussion on independent contractors. The book also has chapters on best practices for teaching students with pre-existing conditions, key yoga agreements, protection from liability, legal entities, trademarks and leases.

It contains model forms of releases that both yoga studios and teachers should use.

I hope that this book will help your yoga business become strong and successful so that you may expand the practice of yoga and its priceless benefits to all.

The book is 140 page long PDF and the discounted Yoga Alliance price is $10.





Light on Law for Yoga Studios is for yoga studios, entrepreneurs and other wellness businesses.

This book discusses the essential legal issues you need to know to run your business such as: independent contractors and employees, protecting yourself against liability, starting and running your business, legal entities, key legal agreements, selling products, branding, content, websites and social media, ethics and taxes. The book contains 37 essential legal forms written specifically for yoga and other wellness businesses.

The book is a beautiful, full color 340 page PDF. You can copy the legal agreements, paste them into Word and revise them for your specific situation. The discounted Yoga Alliance price is $15.




Light on Law for Yoga Teachers is just for yoga and wellness teachers. It will empower you to meet your legal obligations and to protect yourself from legal trouble.

Here are just a sample of the many questions that I discuss in the book:

How do I start my yoga business? How do I protect myself from liability for injury? How do I set up a yoga practice in my home? How can I safely hold yoga classes in the park and on retreats? Does my insurance policy protect everything that I do? Can I negotiate my teaching agreements with the studios and what should I really care about? Am I an independent contractor or an employee? What are my tax obligations? How can I trademark my brand? What do I need to know for my website?

The book is a beautiful, full color 200 page PDF.

The book includes 23 legal agreements written just for yoga teachers. You can copy the legal agreements, paste them into Word and revise them for your specific situation.

The discounted Yoga Alliance price is $15.




The IRS and state taxing agencies are auditing yoga studios and wellness businesses over the use of independent contractors. New York and California are targeting specifically the yoga community. If you are audited and you have misclassified your teachers as independent contractors, you may be liable for back taxes, fees and penalties.

As a business owner the burden is on you to prove that your teachers and other workers are independent contractors.

Do you know the difference between an independent contractor and an employee and have you properly classified your teachers and other workers?

This book has chapters on the federal and state laws on independent contractors, how to properly classify your teachers and workers, how to protect yourself from liability for misclassification, federal and state employment laws and tax issues.

Many studios are converting their independent contractors into employees because they no longer wish to face the risk of an audit. This book contains a new chapter on the conversion process, a checklist and extensive resources.

There are over 180 federal laws that regulate employees and every state has its own system of laws. Do you know the laws that govern the interviewing, hiring, managing and termination process? Are you using best practices for hiring and firing employees? Are you using professional employment agreements? All of these questions are answered in the book.

This book is a full color, 200 page PDF book. It includes 10 legal agreements (including model agreements for independent contractors and employees) and many other resources.

The discounted Yoga Alliance price is $15.


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-Illuminated

The  Yoga Sutras embrace the entire science of yoga: its philosophy, practices, and moral code. Each Sutra is presented in a beautiful layout that contains the Sanskrit text, an English translation, imagery that illuminates the Sutra and a commentary. Yoga Alliance has approved the book for teacher training programs and non-contact hours continuing education. 

The Second Edition (in print only) has new images and expanded content. It is printed on premium paper and has a red placeholder ribbon. The retail price is $23.95

For the month of August, we are running a special. You may purchase two books for $20 or a box of twenty books for $100. If you would like to purchase the books, please contact me directly at

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