Light on Law for Yoga Teachers (Second Edition!)

Light on Law for Yoga Teachers is just for yoga and wellness teachers. It will empower you to meet your legal obligations and to protect yourself from legal trouble.

Here are just a sample of the many questions that I discuss in the book:

How do I start my yoga business? How do I protect myself from liability for injury? How do I set up a yoga practice in my home? How can I safely hold yoga classes in the park and on retreats? Does my insurance policy protect everything that I do? Can I negotiate my teaching agreements with the studios  and what should I really care about? Am I an independent contractor or an employee? What are my tax obligations? How can I trademark my brand? What do I need to know for my website?

The book is a beautiful, full color  200 page PDF which is readable on all computers, iPads and iPhones.

It includes 23 legal forms written just for yoga teachers.
Examples of the topics are:
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  • Starting and Running Your Business
  • Key Legal Agreements
  • Negotiating Your Teaching Agreement
  • Independent Contractors and Employees
  • Protecting Yourself From Liability
  • Yoga Outside the Studio: Park, Home and Retreats
  • Legal Entities
  • Selling Products From Websites
  • Trademarks and Branding
  • Protecting Your Content
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Tax Savings for Independent Contractors
  • Over 23  Model Form Agreements



Sample the book

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