Light on Law For Yoga Studios

Light on Law for Yoga Studios is for yoga studios, entrepreneurs and other wellness businesses.

This book discusses the essential legal issues you need to know to run your business such as: independent contractors and employees, protecting yourself against liability, starting and running your business, legal entities, key legal agreements, selling products, branding, content, websites and social media, ethics and taxes. The book contains 37 essential legal forms written specifically for yoga and other wellness businesses.

The book is a beautiful, full color 340 page PDF which is readable on all computers, iPads and iPhones. You can copy the legal agreements, paste them into Word and revise them for your specific situation.

The price of the book is $29.95.

Here is the table of contents from Light on Law for Yoga Studios:

1. The Meeting of the Minds

  • How Do I Make My Own Legally Binding Agreement?
  • Do Not Use Oral Agreements
  • Amend Your Agreements
  • Read and Understand Your Agreements
  • The Many Types of Agreements

2. Protecting Yourself Against Liability: The Three Limbed Strategy

  • Introduction
  • The Release of Liability
  • Effective Insurance Coverage
  • Careful Teaching Strategies
  • Current Litigation in the Yoga World

3. Starting and Running Your Yoga Business

  • Getting Started
  • Should I Use a Legal Entity for My Business?
  • What Type of Legal Entity Should I Use?
  • How Do I Organize My LLC?
  • What Are The Legal Responsibilities For My LLC?
  • What Is A Buy-Sell Agreement?
  • Be Protected By Your Legal Shield!
  • Independent Contractors and Employees
  • Nuts and Bolts-Permits, Registration and Taxes
  • What If Someone Wants To Buy My Yoga Business?

4. Legal Agreements

  • Start Using Agreements!
  • Your Teaching Agreement
  • Release Me!
  • Membership Agreements
  • Workshop Agreements
  • Retreat Agreements
  • Teacher Training Program Agreements and Immersions
  • Coaching Agreements
  • Webinars, Telecourses and Online Classes
  • Corporate Yoga Agreements

5. Branding Your Yoga Business

  • What Is A Trademark?
  • How Do I Trademark My Brand Name?
  • What Is Trademark Infringement?
  • Why Should I Do A Trademark Search?
  • Create A Distinctive Trademark To Get Protection
  • How Do I Register A Trademark?

6. Creating and Protecting Your Content

  • What Is Copyright And Why Do I Care?
  • How Do I Protect My Teacher Training Materials?
  • How Much Stuff From The Internet Can I Use?
  • How Do I Get Copyright Protection?
  • Is Registration of A Copyright Required?
  • How Long Does A Copyright Last and What is Public Domain?
  • Penalties for Copyright Infringement

7. Websites and Social Media

  • Clear The Domain Name For Your Website
  • How To Conduct A Trademark Search
  • Establish Your Common Law Trademark Rights
  • Use Your Trademark To Protect Your Domain Name
  • Use Copyright To Protect Your Website
  • Make Sure Your Website Content Does Not Infringe
  • Can I Use Content I Have Downloaded?
  • Selling Products Through Your Website
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Privacy
  • The CAN-SPAM Act
  • Blogging
  • Current Issues in Social Media
  • Website Designers and Building Your Website

8. The Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct
  • Establish An Ethics and Teaching Committee
  • Create Your Code of Conduct
  • The Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct
  • The California Yoga Teachers Association Code of Professional Standards
  • A Code of Conduct for the CAM Community
  • The Green Yoga Association

9. Independent Contractors, Taxation and Regulation

  • Are Teachers Independent Contractors or Employees?
  • Determining Independent Contractor Status Under Federal Law
  • What Is a Studio’s Liability Under Federal Law If It Misclassifies an Employee?
  • Determining Independent Contractor Status Under California Law
  • What Is a Studio’s Liability Under California Law If It Misclassifies an Employee?
  • What Should Studios Do Now to Protect Themselves from Liability?
  • What Should Yoga Teachers Do About The Independent Contractor Problem?
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Compliance
  • Consider Making Your Teachers Employees
  • State And Local Tax and Regulatory Issues
  • Tax Savings For Independent Contractors
  • Bartering and Work For Trade
  • Do Not Practice Medicine
  • Be Aware of Laws Regulating Day Care Centers
  • Relationships With Interns and Volunteers

10. How To Work With Lawyers Without Losing Your Mind and Your Wallet

  • When Should I Hire A Lawyer?
  • How Do I Find A Lawyer?
  • Use Paralegals
  • How To Choose A Lawyer
  • Twelve Strategies To Lower Legal Your Fees

11. Best Practices for Teaching Students With Pre-existing Medical Conditions

  • Executive Summary
  • The Legal Perspective
  • The Duty of Reasonable Care
  • Intentionally Assuming The Higher Duty of Care
  • Yoga Therapy and Private Lessons
  • Pre-Natal and Open and Obvious Conditions
  • What If a Student Volunteers Information About A Condition?
  • Power and Hot Yoga
  • Place the Burden of Care on the Students
  • Soliciting Medical Information From Students
  • Touch
  • Confidential Treatment of Private Information

12. Appendices and The Forms Library

  • Appendix A- Independent Contractors Under Federal Law
  • Appendix B-Independent Contractors Under California Law
  • Appendix C-Buy-Sell Triggering Events
  • Appendix D-Privacy Resources

Appendix E-The Legal Forms Library

(You can copy the legal agreements from the book, paste them into Word and revise them for your specific situation)

  • E-1 Artist Consignment Agreement
  • E-2 Bartering Agreement
  • E-3 Blogging Policy
  • E-4 Business Planning and Inspiration
  • E-5 Cease and Desist Letter
  • E-6 Coaching Agreement
  • E-7 Consulting Agreement
  • E-8 Content Release
  • E-9 Copyright and Trademark Resources
  • E-10 Copyright Legends
  • E-11 Employment Agreement
  • E-12 Code of Ethics
  • E-13 Form of Amendment to Agreement
  • E-14 Independent Contractor Agreement for Service Providers
  • E-15 Internship and Volunteer Agreement
  • E-16 Form of Letter Agreement
  • E-17 Documents for Formation of LLC
  • E-18 Documents for Governance of LLC and Corporation
  • E-19 Membership Agreement
  • E-20 Mutual Release
  • E-21 Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • E-22 Privacy Policy
  • E-23 Private Student Input Agreement
  • E-24 Strategic Alliance Agreement
  • E-25 Student Release of Liability
  • E-26 Studio Rental Agreement
  • E-27 Independent Contractor Agreement for Teachers
  • E-28 Teacher Training Program Agreement
  • E-29 Telecourse and Webinar Agreements
  • E-30 Terms of Use-Not Selling Products
  • E-31 Terms of Use-Selling Products
  • E-32 Terms of Use-Short Form
  • E-33 Trademark License
  • E-34 Website Design Agreement
  • E-35 Workshop Agreement
  • E-36 Retreat Agreements
  • E-37 Corporate Yoga Agreement

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