Essential Information for Yoga Studios, Yoga Teachers and Wellness Businesses provides concise information on key legal areas that all yoga teachers and studios should know. These include best practices for teaching students with pre-existing injuries and obtaining medical information about students, key agreements among studios, teachers and students, independent contractors and employees, protection against liability, legal entities, selling products through websites, trademarks, ASCAP music licensing and leases.

The book contains model forms of release of liability for both studios and teachers.

My intention is to educate our community on basic legal issues and to encourage the adoption of best practices. I hope this will help us avoid disputes, reduce risk of liability and build flourishing yoga business!

The book is 60 pages long and list price $19.99. It is being offered for $14.99 through a Yoga Alliance sponsorship.

Here is the table of contents from Essential Information:

1. Introduction

  • Yoga Is Now A Big Business
  • Increasing Legal Risks and Responsibilities
  • Essential Materials For Yoga Studios and Teachers

2. Best Practices for Teaching Students With Pre-existing Medical Conditions

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • The Legal Perspective
  • The Duty of Reasonable Care
  • Intentionally Assuming The Higher Duty of Care
  • Yoga Therapy and Private Lessons
  • Pre-Natal and Open and Obvious Conditions
  • What If a Student Volunteers Information About A Condition?
  • Power and Hot Yoga
  • Place the Burden of Care on the Students
  • Soliciting Medical Information From Students
  • Touch
  • Confidential Treatment of Private Information

3. Key Agreements

  • The Studio and Teacher Agreements
  • The Studio and Student Agreements
  • The Release
  • Yoga Teacher Training Agreements
  • Retreat Agreements
  • Do Not Use Oral Agreements

4. Independent Contractors and Employees

  • Introduction
  • What Is a Studio’s Liability Under Federal Law If it Misclassifies An Employee?
  • What Is a Studio’s Liability Under State Law If it Misclassifies An Employee?
  • What Should You Do Now To Protect Your Studio From Liability?
  • Red Flags That Weaken Your Case
  • Employees

5. Protection From Liability

  • Introduction
  • The Three Limbed Strategy to Prevent Liability
  •  The Waiver and Release of Liability
  • Use Careful Teaching Strategies
  • Advanced Classes

6. Legal Entities

  • Should Yoga Studios Use Legal Entities?
  • Should Yoga Teachers Use Legal Entities?
  • Types of Entities For Yoga Studios and Teachers

7. Selling Products From Websites

  • Get A Purchase Agreement With Indemnity!
  • Consider Forming An Entity
  • Protect Yourself From Product Liability With Your Website Terms of Use

8. Trademarks

  • Search Trademarks Before You Launch!
  • How To Clear Your Trademark
  • How Do I Get A Common Law Trademark For My Brand?

9. Stop The Music! ASCAP Is Hitting Yoga Studios For Music Royalties

  • Introduction
  • Solutions

10. Don’t Sign That Lease!

  • Twenty Points To Consider

11. Model Waiver and Release Agreements

  • Model Form of Waiver and Release For Yoga Studio
  • Model Form of Waiver and Release For Yoga Teacher

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