These are key  legal agreements that are not included within the Light on Law series of books. I will be adding more templates in the future.

 Agreements to Purchase a Yoga Studio or Wellness Business

This package contains standard documents for the purchase of a yoga studio or a wellness business.  These documents can be used for either a stock purchase or an asset purchase structure. The package contains a stock purchase agreement for the purchase of all of the common stock of a business owned by a corporation. This form may be easily adapted for the purchase of membership interests in a limited liability company which owns the business. The package also contains an agreement to purchase only the assets of a business. The package contains templates for a bill of sale and a promissory note. The package is a PDF and the documents may be copied and pasted into Word or other word processing program.

The package costs $25.

Employment Handbook

All yoga studios that have employees must have an employment handbook. This package contains a standard employment handbook which has been adapted specifically for yoga and wellness studios. It contains explanatory notes and other resources. The download is in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. (49 pages).

The package costs $50.

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