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California Supreme Court Restricts Use of Independent Contractors

Landmark Case on Independent Contractors in California In a ruling with important consequences for yoga studios in California, the California Supreme Court on Monday made it much more difficult for studios to classify their teachers as independent contractors rather than as employees. The case was Dynamex Operations West, Inc., v. The Superior Court of Los […]

Let’s Clean Up Yoga Now: Take a Stand. Stop the Crap!

Table of Contents Introduction My three intentions Yoga Ethics-A Brief Philosophical View Common Ethical Situations Faced by Studios and Communities Inappropriate Commentary Inappropriate Touch Two Key Principles of Touch Best Practices for The Use of Touch and Pre-existing Medical Conditions Romantic Relationships Established Romantic Relationships Sexual Harassment-Federal and State Laws Examples of Verbal, Non-Verbal and […]

Review of Seventy Summits: A Life in the Mountains by Vern Tejas

Vern Tejas is a mountaineer. He is the first person to climb the Seven Summits ten times. He is the first to climb Denali in the winter. He has the record speed ascents for Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Vinson and Kilimanjaro. He has summited Denali fifty-five times, Aconcagua twenty-five times, and Kilimanjaro fifteen times. He has […]

Accessible Yoga Conference New York City-May 19-21

This post is to support the Accessible Yoga Conference. It will be held in New York City from May 19-21, 2017 at the Integral Yoga Institute, 227 West 13th Street, New York. The mission of the Accessible Yoga Conference is to provide a forum where the Yoga community can come together to connect, share, and […]